Flat Lined

You might have noticed lately that all I've been wearing are flat sandals. Although I terribly miss my heels there is a good reason for this. I have a very bad back. We're talking so bad that I can't bend over to tie my shoe without being in pain, can't sleep through the night, can't run or do high impact exercise, etc. Even though I'm allowed to wear heels I thought I would play it safe in flats after a month of undergoing spinal injections. I know it sounds like so much fun, right? I love my flats but after spending a month in them I‘ve become extremely bored and wanting new ones. This got me to browsing for some fun new sandals which is great because everyone is having sales! Here is my list of wants all under $40. (Well except for the exceptions of my dream sandals.)
Top to Bottom/Left to Right 
1. Ann Taylor Camille Sandals - $19.88
2. Aldo Puig Sandals - $40.00
3. R2 Jordana Sandals - $19.97
4. Mossimo Pegreen Sandal - $8.74
5. Qupid Athena Sandals - $12.97
6. Forever21 Beaded Boho Sandals - $16.80
7. Modcloth The Way We Whirl Sandal - $29.99
8. dELiAs Mandy Sandal - $23.50
9. Zara Studded Sandal - $129.00

Which pair is your favorite?



  1. Your blog is great ! Thks for coming

    I love the one in the middle !


  2. So many lovely sandals...
    my favorites are
    1, 5, 9.

  3. Ah LOVE all these sandals, especially the embellished ones!




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