Just a glimpse of the past few weeks, including the 4th and my family's seafood fest via Instagram. (follow @beijosTiffany).
Left to right, top to bottom:
1) The official start to Seafood Fest...let the boiling begin!
2) My Seafood/4th Fest outfit-keeping it simple and sheer (see post HERE)
3) They might not be big fireworks, but there is nothing better than having the kids create their own backyard display.
4) A Dotted 4th of July for the office (see post HERE)
5) The cake I made for my niece's birthday including fondant butterflies and blueberry cream cheese filling. 
6) Nothing better than a great clearance find (post HERE)
7) $4, 60 glow stick bracelets and 10 kids make for a fun night
8) The kitchen help waiting for handouts during Seafood Fest preparations.
9) You can't go wrong with spikes & skulls (see post HERE)
10) No campfire, no problem. S'more Bar Cookies
11) Fresh picked flowers and a Simplified outfit (see post HERE)
12) Garden flowers are in full bloom

Happy Monday! Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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