S'more Bar Cookies

Are you on Pinterest? (If so follow me-beijosTiffany) If not you should really join. It's such a great site and you can seriously get so inspired by the pins. I stumbled upon this S'more Bar Cookie recipe (recipe HERE) on Pinterest and new it was the perfect dessert for summer. Who doesn't love a s'more?! When I think of s'mores I am instantly reminded of summer nights sitting around a camp fire with my family seeing who can burn their marshmallow first. So when I found this S'more Bar Cookie I thought it would be the perfect dessert especially since no campfire is needed.
If you've been following my Food Friday's for a while you'll know there is a reoccurring theme- Easy, Simple and Delicious. This recipe falls right in line with that theme. I made these over the weekend and no lie, by the end of the day they were gone. I then made them for work and by the end of the first day they were gone as well. I think my friends and family would agree with me that these are simply too good to not eat. I'll be making them a 3rd time for our Seafood Fest this weekend and I have a feeling there won't be any leftovers.

See/Print the recipe HERE.
Hope you have a Happy Weekend!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this - Lauren & I will have to try them over the weekend!! :)


  2. Honey, how do you stay so slim when you are eating all this delicious food??! These look AMAZING!

    x Carlina
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  3. I am craving for cookies now. It looks yummy!

  4. So tempting and so yummy. Too bad I don't eat sweet treats, or else I'd try to make them!


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