Since I'm still stuck in vacation mode and can't think about anything but wishing I were lounging on the beach with a cocktail I thought I'd share with you a little glimpse of the past week from Instagram including the many animals we managed to rescue. (follow @beijosTiffany).
Left to right, top to bottom:
1) Wanted my coworkers to get the full idea
2) Kick starting vacation with a Shark Bite (via Joe's Crab Shack)
3) What a perfect view to be greeted by
4) My Sweetpea and Pickle (nieces) enjoy vacation
5) Animal 1- A brown seagull that got hooked by a fisherman. We untangled him, calmed him down, checked his wing, and off he went.
6) The family pool tournament was in full swing
7) Animal 2- Green tree frog we found stuck in the fence
8) Nothing better than a night of card games
9) Animal 3- Ghost crab we found while lounging on the beach
10) Dinner out with my family and Ann Taylor (outfit coming soon)
11) Just call me Miss Shrimpette
12) Can't be on a beach vacation with out a few fruity drinks
13) At the inlet where we watched my family come in from an afternoon of fishing
14) Of course I found a winery on the way home!
15) The pups were completely exhausted after a wonderful week at the beach
Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Dying for that Ann Taylor clutch - you better be bringing that to NYC with you! Also so in love with your white dog...that's the exact kind we've been looking to get! :)

    1. Oh I will be bringing the AT clutch to NYC with me- you can count on that. Maggie (the white dog) is a Westie and is literally the best dog ever! She's so sweet and playful and love my nieces and nephews. The only down side is she tends to stick her head in random holes. Terriers are known to look for animals in holes which she does. But overall we love the breed :)

  2. What a great collage of summer! It makes me sad that it is almost over!


  3. Oooh what gorgeous photos! September, dont come too soon!

  4. What fabulous photos! They seriously look like they were taken straight from a magazine! I am obsessed with that ghost crab photo!

    xo Jenny

  5. Hey Tiffany, Hope you have a nice holiday:)..beach huh..awesome. I actually have I saw you used NIkon DSLR camera and your photos are amazing...but do you like instagram still???..I mean those photos are amazing stil..just curious...have a great day:)


    1. Hi Tammy. Thank you for the sweet comments. I love instagram and my DSLR. I use instagram when I'm on the go and don't have my big camera on me. It's a great way to be able to capture daily life and little things that catch my eye and to be able to share it with my readers right away. I use my DSLR for outfit photos and other "artsy" shots that I plan on framing. The DSLR photos usually get edited in some way and not all of them are shared. Happy Week!


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