Beauty: Save vs Splurge Lip Tint

Being that beijosTiffany is about my life I thought it was only right that I start sharing about beauty products with you since I'm always trying some sort of new product out. I'm definitely a girly girl and have played with makeup since I was kid, often taking my sisters to do makeovers on my dolls. I remember styling my dolls hair in over the top creations and even remember using pink calamine lotion as hair dye on my barbie! I refer to Ulta as the "Girly Candy Store" and usually make 2-3 trips a month there. What girl doesn't like to wear some sort of makeup or beauty product?

For my first post I knew I wanted to do a "Save vs Splurge" for those who love the designer product but can't justify spending a lot of money on it.

I'm not a real big lipstick wearer so when I stumbled upon the Tarte Lipsurgence matte crayon I was instantly intrigued and knew it would be perfect for my NYC trip. But while there Kimberly was using something similar but more affordable- the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain crayon. Intrigued and curious I purchased the Revlon version when I got home to do a full comparison.

1) Tarte LipSurgence natural matte lip stain - $24 (buy HERE) also comes in gloss and sparkly options in many colors
2) Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain - $9 (buy HERE) comes in other shades
Look: Both crayons are very similar in appearance. Same type of packaging, same twist up "bullet", and same color-specific packaging. The color packaging is the actual color of the crayon and is great if you have more than one. Both are similar in length and have the relative same amount of product. LipSurgence has .1oz and Revlon Balm Stain has .095oz. The both also have a minty smell to them but the Tarte balm is a little stronger.
Texture/Feel/Application: Both crayons apply very easily but to me the Tarte crayon applies a little smoother and covers more with one application then the Revlon crayon. I find that I need to layer the Revlon crayon to get the coverage and color I want. Because these crayons have the twist up style there is never a need to sharpen it. Both crayons are very moisturizing and the stain literally sinks into your lips. Because my Tarte crayon is a matte finish there is no shine but shine can easily be added with a top coat of gloss. With the Revlon crayon the shine literally lasts for a couple hours. I really love the feel of Tarte's crayon though because after the color sinks into your lips you don't really feel like you have anything on. Where as with the Revlon I am always afraid I'm going to smear it since it still feels glossy.

Longevity: This is the big one for me since I rarely have time to reapply and I want a lip color that stays on for a while even when drinking and eating. Because these are both stains/tints the colors do last. I find that with both when applied at 7am I don't have to really reapply until after lunch. And even then you can still see a hint of the color.
Final Thoughts and Vote: Even though they are expensive my vote would have to go to the Tarte crayon simply because I'm in love with the matte color and how the color literally sinks into your lips with out that feel of having lipstick on. I won't be buying them in every color but it's a nice little item to splurge on. However, if Revlon released a matte version I'd definitely be all over it, but for now they definitely get my vote for the gloss simply because how can you beat $9!?

Have you tried either product? Which one gets your vote?

Disclaimer: This is a review based on my opinion only. Your opinion may differ. I was not compensated in any way for this post and purchased both lip sticks on my own and am simply voicing my opinion and sharing with you, my reader, something I loved and found interesting. All opinions are my own.



  1. Yup, I've always been more of a matte girl, so my vote also goes for the Tarte! ;)

    xo Carlina


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