FABB 2012

This time tomorrow I will be on my way to New York, NY for another amazing week filled with friends, fashion, good food and many memories to be made. My main reason for heading to NYC is the annual Lucky Magazine Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Conference. I was "lucky" enough to get the chance to attend the conference in NYC last year, as well as the first ever FABB West this past April. (see previous FABB posts)

This year the conference is in a new venue with an equally amazing list of speakers as in the past. I litterally died a little when I heard Lauren Conrad AND Rachel Zoe would be there. I've been huge fans of both for such a long time. You can see the whole schedule at the Lucky FABB site and you will also be able to watch the conference live stream that day. 

Not only do I get to spend a week (and my birthday) in my favorite city but I also get to see my FABB and blogging friend Kimberly from Penny Pincher Fashion. Kimberly and I met at last September's FABB, and then she was my travel buddy, roommate, and FABB buddy at the FABB West as well. I could not imagine doing FABB without her. Our book of emails kept me excited and motivated for this week on those long work days and I know we are going to have a truly amazing time in NYC. 

Even though I'll be on a mini-vacation enjoying brunches, cocktail parties, and shopping I've scheduled posts to go up this week as regular. You can also stay up to date with me on Twitter (follow me HERE) and Instagram (beijosTiffany). I'll be taking tons of pictures and promise to share every little detail with you when I return! 


  1. I'm so jealous, I wish a could attend a bloggers conference, sounds like lots of fun.

    May you have a great time.


  2. yay - girl, we are going to have the best time! So glad to be your roomie :)


  3. That sounds like so much fun! I hope you have a fantastic trip!

  4. Have fun, look forward to hearing about the adventure.


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