Must Have August

Last month I shared with you (HERE) the first ever beauty/life subscription service; the Must Have Bag. Needless to say I was super disappointed in the first bag and almost canceled my subscription. Curiosity won the best of me and I just received the August bag. As promised I'm wanted to share with you my full review on the August Must Have "bag". Ready? 
What came in the box: 
Retail estimate = $143
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Thoughts on some products?
Pretzel Crisps- I"m already a huge fan of Pretzel Crisps (Buffalo wing is my favorite) so this was a nice treat to have in the box
Alora Ambiance- Love the smell of this scent-it's light and perfect for my office.
Govino Wine glasses- These glasses made the whole box worth it. I drink a lot of wine and during the summer we don't like to take the glasses outside. These Govino glasses are plastic and durable and look exactly like my expensive ones.

Overall thoughts:
This box definitely made up for the last Must Have bag. Even though they did change the worth from $150 to $100 I felt like everything I got in this box was more than I expected, especially after the last month. I think the company new they had to make up for the lack of things in the last bag and this definitely made up. I got some great products that I am very excited about trying out. Knowing what to expect now I will be keeping my subscription for another month and will give you a full review on that as well.

If you are interested in trying the Must Have for yourself I would join soon as July and August did sell out. You can sign up HERE.
Disclaimer: This is a review based on my opinion only. Your opinion may differ. I was not compensated in any way for this post and all opinions are my own.



  1. I just ordered my "must have box" for September! I hope it's a good one :-)

    1. Yay! I hope you like it and I hope September is a good one as well. If you don't like it they do have a refund policy :) Just a lil FYI.

  2. How much do these generally run? I liked the nail polish from last months..

    x carlina


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