NY FNO and Birthday

This was my first time celebrating "Fashion's Night Out" ever and what better place to do it in than New York City with two of the most amazing girls (Kimberly and Alyson) I know. We started off at Saks then headed to a few other places and ended up at RSVP for a private after party. This night was filled with more laughter that I could have ever imagined. From crazy headbands to falling asleep standing up to getting hit on by two strange men, my first FNO was beyond what I imagined.
My Outfit: Forever 21 skirt (2010); Sauce Karl shirt (2011); Sam Edelman Adena flats (2011);
DREAM BAG- 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli satchel 
Let's just say that if there wasn't an giant security tag hanging on to this bag it would have came home with me....okay I'm kidding the price tag stopped me as well. It's just so dreamy and it's sad that this is as close as I'll ever come to having it.
Birthday edible arrangement from my sweet parents!

Friday after FNO was my # birthday and I just have to say that Kimberly and Alyson made this a birthday one that I will always treasure. I started the day out at the SoHo house for breakfast with a friend (Thank you Caroline!), then moved on to the Birchbox Sample Stop where I got my make up and eyebrows done by an eyebrow genius. The afternoon was filled with shopping, a meeting with the most adorable and nicest Ann Taylor girls, and then a blowout by Arrojo. I felt like a spoiled girl getting all these treatments.
My Outfit: Ann Taylor Squiggle pants (Onsale); Ella Moss lace top (2011); Sam Edelman Adena flats (2011);
After a full day I was exhausted and just wanted to crawl into bed and order room service. I opted against that but decided to stay close to the hotel for our feet's sake and had dinner at Niles. It was an amazing dinner filled with scrumptious food, deep conversations that made the three of us feel so much closer, and a fun dessert surprise. We then decided that we had to at least go outside so we could say we went out. After realizing it was gorgeous out and that we didn't feel like going back up to the room the bellhop suggested the bar across the street. What started as a quiet, deep evening turned into a laugh filled, horrible music but great drinks night.
I never in a million years would have imagined that blogging would bring the most amazing people and adventures into my life. I met Kimberly last year at the first FABB and since then I feel as if we've grown to be like sisters. (The airport guy thought we were!) I am so thankful that Kimberly and Alyson are in my life. 
To Kimberly and Alyson:
Thank you both for making my birthday a truly special day, one that I will treasure forever. Thank you for the deep conversations we had all week, and the input/advice you gave me. Thank you for being funny, sincere, honest, and the same size as me :) I honestly feel like I have two new sisters. I love you both!


  1. Aww, this seriously brought tears to my eyes - I love you girl...we are more like sisters than friends & I am so thankful that we met! I know we'll be friends for life and I'm serious when I say that you can come stay with us anytime you want!! xoxo


  2. This looks like it was such a blast! So glad you had a great time and great birthday! xo
    Best, M.

  3. awww, what a sweet post! i miss you girls...looks like you had an amazing birthday.

    p.s. i die for that bag too.

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife


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