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"Purchase with Purpose"
Did you know that more than 800,000 people are trafficked every year, some right here in the US, including girls as young as age 5, according to the leading authorities. Did you know that sex trafficking is the #2 largest source of profits for international organized crime, second only to drugs. Disturbing?
People are trafficked. Victims are rescued. Then what? Great question right? There are a lot of companies out there making gorgeous jewelry but what these companies lack is a purpose. This is where iSanctuary stands out above the rest. Their jewelry is exquisite, unique, affordable, heart felt and has a purpose. iSanctuary (stands for International Sanctuary) is offering the missing piece to reintegration. The company is employing young women rescued from human trafficking in both India and the United States through the production and sale of fashion jewelry.  Their goal is to end the cycle of human trafficking through providing self-sufficiency options to survivors.
iSanctuary works to rehabilitate girls and young women rescued from human trafficking. They provide them with marketable training, and empower them with the skills they need to sustain themselves and pursue better futures filled with tangible options.  

Since it's inception in 2007, iSanctuary has employed over 200 women in the US and India and has provided them with a safe place where they can earn a living & reintegrate into society.  "When a young woman walks through the door at International Sanctuary, the label of "trafficked victim" is removed and she is immediately treated as an individual." 
To make you truly appreciate each gorgeous and unique piece of jewelry from iSanctuary, a tag  with the signature of the girl who made it is accompanied with each item.  When they sent me this Peacock bracelet and necklace and I saw the tags I literally had chills. It’s very important to me that I try to help those in need and want a better life. Yes, the jewelry is beyond beautiful but the fact that with every purchase made you are helping benefit these young women who have had their lives torn apart and tortured from being sold into slavery is priceless.

Buy a piece of jewelry for yourself, or better yet, buy a gift to give to someone. {Imagine how you would feel if you opened a present and read the tag that the purchase of it is helping someone in need.} Take a look at the gorgeous pieces, including fun stationary, on their site {SHOP} and read more about the great work they are doing here.


  1. What a fantastic project! I am so glad you posted this! I will check out iSanctuary for sure. Have a great day!


  2. This is such a great cause, Tiffany! I love fashion with a mission

  3. Lovely jewellery and great cause :)


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  5. iSanctuary had a booth at my church's christmas bazaar last year and I bought some jewelry for my mom and sister. I loved their pieces! And it's such a great cause. I had forgotten the name of the company for awhile until I started seeing bloggers post about their company. Love it!


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