Be Thankful

Can you believe it's Thanksgiving already! I feel like it was just last week I was celebrating the start of 2012 and here we are getting closer to the end of it. I know that Thanksgiving isn't a holiday that is celebrated everywhere, but the premise is simple: be thankful for what you have.

I have so much to be grateful and thankful for this year. I could list everything and pinpoint each moment and time that I'm thankful for but I won't bore you with that. 

What I do want to say is that I am so thankful for you, the readers of beijosTiffany. I don't thank you enough on the blog and I really want you to know how much I truly and honestly appreciate and love you. Without your love and support I'm not sure where this blog would be today. Thank you for taking time out of your day to come here & read what I have to say. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback with me. Thank you for loving me and allowing me to love you back.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, and happy Thanksgiving.


  1. So glad that we met through our blogs - I know we will be friends for life! Hope you have a great holiday with your family!! xoxo

  2. Just happened upon your blog for the first time, and I'm sure I'll be back! Great writing and sartorial style :) As an English teacher, I really appreciate all of the quotes accompanying your posts!


  3. hi hun,
    I really like your blog and your nice!
    New follower, If you want I'm waiting for you on my blog!

    kiss jexika lyter

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