Memories of November

Nov gram
With November coming to a close and a new month full of new possibilities and adventures to be had I couldn't help but look back at my Instagram feed and reminisce over the past month. These photos are just a few from the month but definitely some of my favorite. You can always follow me at @beijosTiffany to know what I'm up to.
Left to right, top to bottom:
-Gorgeous fall leaves covering the steps to work
-Little hands during a perfect weekend visiting family
-Star enjoying a warm fall day
-A late Halloween party costume {I was a Toddler in Tiara}
-Losing my iPad to my niece
-Jewels on a sunny fall day {Bloodstone}
-A leftover movie prop from a visit to Pittsburg
-Fall weather means {Jacket Season}
-An inspirational evening spent listening to Tim Gunn and his story into fashion
-Cheers to the start of Thanksgiving
-Keeping warm with a {Sweater Skirt}
-A turkey birthday cake for my nephews 17th birthday

More Instagram photos

Hope you all having a wonderful week!


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