Sweater Skirt

"A good sermon should be like a woman's skirt:
short enough to arouse interest
but long enough to cover the essentials."
Target/Mossimo Sweater Skirt (HERE); JCPenney Boat Neck Sweater; Eddie Bauer jacket (similar);
Dolce Vita Wagner boots; c/o Crazy & Co Claire necklace
Let's talk about appropriate skirt lengths for 30 something year old women. I thought the length of this skirt was alright since I'm wearing knee high boots and am fully covered up on top. However, my mom didn't quite agree-she felt it was a tad too short. Then I was reminded by someone that Stacy London said women over 30 shouldn't wear mini skirts. This left me to wondering how other people feel about short skirts on 30+ year old women. Are we to cover up and wear skirts down to our knees? I feel that if you got great legs you should be able to show them off. (Not saying my legs are great- I just really loved this skirt. What are your thoughts about mini skirts on 30+ year old women?

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  1. Ha ha ha, well, I'm 32 and I wear mini skirts all of the time!! I'm short so I think that helps, but I definitely think woman over 30 can wear short skirts. If you've got it, flaunt it! You look fabulous, and that skirt is beautiful. I love sweater skirts!

    xo Jenny
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  2. Love the colors in this look! They go beautifully together! I think it's totally fine to wear a mini skirt over 30! I am 30 now and plan to, hehe! Also stunning necklace! xo
    Best, M.

  3. The skirt looks like it would be so comfortable and I love all the colors in it! I think the length looks great. I don't think it's short at all!

  4. I think it's appropriately styled, in fact it's one of my fave looks on you to date- so I say keep the mini's coming. As another 30 year old I think mini's can be appropriate, I wont stop wearing them- I mean there is a reason why I keep running, working out and watching what I eat after all. I gotta show off my hard work. ;)

    xo Carlina
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  5. Great autumn look, Tiffany! I really like that skirt.

    Keep an eye out on my blog later today. I'll be featuring this as one of the looks I love today.




  6. I love this skirt...might have to pick it up on my next trip to Target! I don't think it's too short - you have amazing legs, so show them off, girl :)


  7. You have awesome legs. Show them off, by all means. Love the whole look!

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  8. Perfect 10 legs, !! keep showing as there a fine example of a 30 something set of pins ! grrrrr just enough flesh too as the boots look great. Dicky doo UK x x x


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