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My Wish
During the holiday season not only are we're all shopping for friends and family but our family and friends are shopping for us. Each Christmas my mother asks us each to create a wish list online. We include items we need or items we dream about owning just to give her ideas and help make her holiday shopping a little easier. You might say you don't have a wish list but deep inside I know everyone has a wish list be it a mental or a written down list. I also love to view other peoples wish lists because it sometimes gives me ideas of presents I could buy for someone else. So today I'm sharing with you my wish list in hopes that it might give you some ideas for other people you're buying for this holiday season. {FYI-Some of these items are definitely dream items and weren't on the list I gave my mom} 
9. Oasis Sally Check Skater coat - $120 (onsale!)
10. Little Miss Metallic Ballet flats - $28.14 (onsale plus free shipping!)   


  1. I just found out about the Naked Basics palette and really want that now too! Also that coat is beautiful! xo
    Best, M.

  2. So many great picks here - love that bag!! :)

  3. Love the coat! And I would put that bag on my wishlist too!
    Jeans and a Teacup


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