Just Yesterday

I can not believe October is done and over with. I feel like it was just yesterday the leaves on the tree were changing and now their gone! Is it just me or is time going by faster than usual? If you follow me on Instagram than you might have seen these on my feed, but I thought I'd give you a little glimpse of what I was up to last month. You can always follow me at @beijosTiffany to know what I've been up to when I'm not blogging.
Left to Right/Top to bottom: 4 year old niece version of blinging your phone // finally got my hands on Phillip Lim for Target bag thanks to Kimberly // tiny salt & pepper shakers perfect for work // surprised my niece with tickets to the Selena Gomez concert (we left for it seconds after she found out) // Lasagna Stuffed Spaghetti Squash (recipe soon)  // Brilliant Bows // Last years Halloween costume - Toddler in Tiara // the pups ready for trick or treat night // my lil chip girl

Hope you all are staying warm and having a wonderful week!


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