Spiced Cider Champagne

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There is no better way to celebrate the holidays than with a festive drink. So when I was asked to create a drink with a delicious bottle of Freixenet champagne I jumped at the chance. I first fell in love with the champagne bottle- isn't the solid black bottle so intriguing and fun. It definitely stands out on the table. The taste was quite delicious as well- dry with a hint of sweetness. I knew I wanted to incorporate apple cider because when I think of Fall I think of apples. I also wanted to add some more sweetness to the drink and some extra bubbles so I placed a sugar cube in the bottom each glass. Topped with a splash of spiced rum and my festive Spiced Cider Champagne was ready.
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Feel free to take the liberty of adding as much rum as you prefer. I felt that a splash (1/2 ounce) was perfect for my taste buds. I know this Spiced Cider Champagne will be perfect to toast Thanksgiving with and I hope you enjoy it as well.
Disclosure: I was provided the bottle of Freixenet Cordon Negro and asked to create a holiday themed beverage.

2-3 ounces fresh apple cider
a splash of Spiced Rum (or as much as you prefer)
3-4 ounces chilled brut champagne
1 sugar cube

Place sugar cube in the bottom of each glass.

Add 2-3 ounce of fresh apple cider and a splash of rum, then top with champagne.
Watch the bubbles flow and enjoy!

(Once sugar is dissolved you can use a stirring stick to mix)

Use this recipe as a guide and adjust measurements and ingredients as necessary.

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